This is for indie projects, I have done professional projects as an employee as well which you can find under under the professional menu. But here are only projects that I am or have been doing as an indie developer. Mainly I am focused on game development and art, but I do some web development as well.


"Boardgames for the fun of it! Hop-on-hop-off type of gaming with strangers or friends to pass the time."

I am currently working on a small project targeted for Android phones called gamenight. The basic idea is to make fun boardgames that is easy and engaging to play on mobile against others.

Gamenight is a indie game developed just for the fun of it. Basically the idea is a boardgame compilation with fast and fun games where you play together with others. The development is the client made in unity and a server used for things like match-making done in nodejs using websockets.

Tower of Hanoi

This was actually made as a work sample with just a couple of days put into it. However I really liked how it turned out and I felt it really is a good representation of what I do. So I made everything from graphics to music in this one and enjoyed it so much so that I made a VR implementation as well just to try it out.

Stinkande Minnen

Smelly memories is a stop motion animated point-and-click type adventure game. I made most of the prototype as far as code goes. And a lot of content were made for it.


I have been known to do some occational speedrunning, and am in general quite interested in the phenomenon. So when I started speedrunning there weren't a timer that would work good on linux or at least I couldn't find one.

So I set out to make my own ^^

Qsplit is not fully featured like for example livesplit, but it does have a lot of nifty features, such as the ability to visually let you know how your splits progress, the gold times (representing in speedrunning the best time ever on a split) and integration to to name some of the main features.


This was a bit of a wicked ambitious project. I never finished it but the idea was to use midi-files to create a guitar hero type game for keyboard.

I got as far as implementing the midi reading portion and it's what is seen in the image, the program is playing Kyoske no. 1 from Kimagure Orange Road all from interpereting a midi file.

Fight Face

Prototype for a fighting game played against friends on phone over internet. The basic idea is to use your own face with some expressions to fight friends!

I made a login server in nodejs and all portraits and stuff is stored on my server, so you the unity client will download from the server, the face for the opponent when a match starts.